There are many things ground us.

Man made things

The things which are made by man are called man made things. Some of Them are. Shoes glasses table bed Mobile television

Natural things

The things which we get from natural sources are called natural things .some Of the natural things are.

Living things

The things which have life are known as living things. Living things have following characteristics. Living things eat and drink All living things need food and water . they cannot survive without them .most of The animal derive their food from plants or other animals. Plants get their food from The soil, water and sunlight.

Living Things Breathe

All living things take in air [oxygen] Through breathing. Living things have special organs to breathe , whereas plants breathe through very small pores present in their leaves called stomata . You must have noticed that if we cover Our mouth and nose tightly we feel Suffocated . It happens because there is no air available for breathing .similarly , without air plants also wither.
Living Things Move
Living things show movement .Almost all the animals can move from one place To another .Man and animals move by walk